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I was born into a family of antiquers and be it nature or nurture developed a passion for all things vintage and antique--so much so that I invented my very own word to describe my favorite category of them: Vintiques. Now to be clear, Vintiques are not the precious antiques your grandmother never let you touch or items you have to be ultra careful with, they are the common everyday items from long ago that have survived many hands and everyday use and abuse. And in my humble opinion, they didn't just survive use, they became more beautiful because if it. I love utilitarian pieces that have spent a lifetime getting aged and worn and chipped and dinged and smooth and rough all over with each passing year and each passing household. When I fall for a treasure like that, it is because it is displaying its patina with honor, as a story, a sign that it was used, loved and appreciated by many hands, many families. These are the items I love to collect and have around me and share with others whom I hope will use and enjoy them as much as I do.





I have long had a fascination with fonts, quotes and graphic design so hand stamping words onto my Vintiques allows me to combine a few of my favorite things. (Did you sing that part?  Hope that song isn't stuck in your head now--I bet now that I mention it, it is. ;-) ...Sorry to digress. Back to my point... I hope you will love these fun stamped Vintiques as much as I do and use them frequently and appreciate how they will continue to grow more beautifully imperfect as they age.  

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