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Hello.  I'm Amber.  I am the Typographer here at Typographie.  I do not claim to have invented this idea, but the second I ran across it, I knew I had to do it.  I ran right out to get a set of stamping letters and started playing with my own vintage silverware.  I loved how they came out and I thought other's would love them too so I started giving them as Christmas gifts and low and behold, business took off from there.  

The reason I fell so hard for this craft is that it combines my artistic side and my love of antiques. I have been surrounded by art and antiques my whole life.  My mom's side of the family brings the fine arts. In fact, my grandmother, Helen Weisweber, was a well-known oil painter in the Toledo area.  I carried on the family tradition and majored in Fine Art in college where I learned to use all kinds of different mediums and applications (oil painting, sculpting, ceramics, drawing, photography, printmaking, etc.) and to this day love mixing it up and trying new things.  I am a fearless DIYer that way.



My dad was the driving force in my family's antique endeavors which involved very unique decor, full garages and looooong Sunday drives.  I didn't always get it as a kid, but once I grew up and began furnishing my own home, I gravitated toward vintage and antiques in my decor too.  Beit by nature or nurture, it was in my blood. In fact, going to flea markets and antique sales became my most favorite thing to do.  I was so very fortunate to inherit many antiques from my dad and they are full of great memories and appreciation for the collector's eye he had (that I now fully admire and appreciate).  I love combining my family treasures with the items I find; living with new and old heirlooms surrounding me.


And speaking of new and old heirlooms, I feel like that's what Typographie pieces are too.  Old with a touch of sentimental or funny new stamped in.  This craft outlet that combines old and new, art and antiques, brings me great joy and I would love to pass a piece of that on for you to treasure!



Creatively Yours, 




P.S. I also use my art background to create graphics, chalkboards, signs and more at my other business I DO SIGNS.  I even teach my tips and techniques in my fun Chalk School classes.  You can learn more about this artsy endeavor at

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